Waymo in Phoenix: Full Autonomy + Safety

By James Wu, CEO and Co-Founder, DeepMap

This week Waymo announced it is test-driving its autonomous vehicles on public roads in Phoenix without a driver in the driver’s seat. This is an important milestone for the autonomous driving industry.

The achievement highlights two fundamental pillars of Waymo’s autonomous vehicle vision:

Full Autonomy: Waymo is committed to Level 4/5 autonomy. In a recent report, they said: “Our fully self-driving system is designed to operate without a human driver, unlike technologies sold in cars today such as adaptive cruise-control or lane-keeping systems which require constant monitoring by the driver.” This is a strategic decision, based on avoiding the “handoff problem.”

Safety By Design: Waymo has focused on safety from the very beginning, stating: “We consider safety from the ground up and incorporate it at every system level and every development stage, from design to testing and validation.”

At DeepMap, we share the same vision and unequivocal commitment to autonomy and safety. Beyond offering convenience, saving lives is what makes autonomous vehicles not a nice-to-have but a must-have for our future society.

DeepMap’s mission is to build the world’s best high-definition mapping and localization services. Safe autonomy is at the core of all our design decisions.

To this end, we focus deeply on the precision and accuracy of the maps we build, rigorously optimize on the performance and robustness of our localization service, and stress-test our system under challenging conditions.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best autonomous mapping technology, bar none, as well as flexibility in how we work together to be successful. If you would like to learn more, contact us at info@deepmap.ai.

DeepMap provides HD mapping and localization solutions critical for autonomous vehicles.

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