DeepMap Investor Martin Casado of Andreessen Horowitz Featured in Business Insider

Andreessen Horowitz’s Martin Casado, a DeepMap investor and board member, is featured in a Business Insider story titled The Enterprise Tech Market is on Fire.

Reporter Becky Peterson writes: “2018 has been a lucrative year for the movers and shakers in the enterprise tech business. Once considered a less glamorous sideshow to flashy consumer internet companies, enterprise tech startups are enjoying a renewed surge in interest thanks to innovative new services powered by AI and cloud computing, and an expanding opportunity to tap into vast new markets.”

The report highlights 23 venture capitalists and includes a profile on Martin:

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Martin Casado, Andreessen Horowitz

Martin Casado is just over two years into his tenure as a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

Casado cut his teeth as cofounder and chief technology officer of Nicira, a network virtualization company that got acquired by VMware in 2012 for $1.26 billion. At VMware, he was senior vice president and general manager of the networking and security business.

Like many of his peers in venture capital, Casado went to Stanford. But he didn’t get an MBA. Instead, he has both a master’s and a PhD in computer science. He’s super technical in a way that helps him discern between a good pitch and a good product.

It’s this sort of specialized wisdom that makes him an effective board member to heavily technology-driven companies like the self-driving car data company DeepMap and the big data company ActionIQ.

DeepMap is grateful for our partnership with Martin!

DeepMap provides HD mapping and localization solutions critical for autonomous vehicles.

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