DeepMap Collaborates with Ford on HD Mapping Research for Autonomous Vehicles

By Wei Luo, COO & Head of Product

DeepMap is pleased to announce a collaborative research project with Ford Motor Company. Ford is working with DeepMap on high-definition (HD) mapping and localization technologies. The aim is to efficiently create high-definition maps with ultra-precise accuracy at the centimeter level.

DeepMap’s HD mapping technology combines specialized expertise across disciplines, including sensor fusion, machine learning, computer vision, embedded systems, computational geometry, and more.

Ford and DeepMap researchers will work together to advance the development of HD mapping. By working together, both teams hope to gain a better understanding of the real-life needs of HD maps for autonomous driving and other AV-enabled mobility applications and services.

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The early phase of the project will focus on mapping certain parts of the Bay Area, where Ford’s Silicon Valley Research and Innovation Center and DeepMap are located.

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